The Hidden Valley cherry range includes proven varieties, grown, packed and exported between December and February.

New Zealand cherry season falls beautifully within the celebration season. Plentiful, high quality cherries are available for both export and domestic customers.

Our cherries range from bright red to deep burgundy and enticing black, each with distinctive eating attributes. All are glossy, plump and bursting with healthy goodness – just as cherries should be.

From the first appearance of deep red Sandra Rose and Santina cherries to the late-season arrival of bright red Staccato cherries, our fresh, premium cherries are available progressively from December to February. As each variety reaches its peak of ripeness at a different time, the harvest begins gradually and peaks in late January to early February.

Seasonal availability may vary by a week or two depending on pre-season conditions in the orchard – however, we harvest cherries all summer long.

Indulge in fresh, luxurious New Zealand cherries
and savour the moment.
Three cherries and a cherry leaf on a white background
Group of New Zealand cherries on a white background
Single cherries on white background
Cherries growing in a New Zealand orchard

Our varieties

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Group of New Zealand cherries


Impressively large, heart-shaped and glossy Sonnet cherries are an appealing dark red with slightly lighter red flesh and a sweet flavour.

Group of New Zealand cherries

Sandra Rose

Big, bold and delicious Sandra Rose cherries are dark red with a glossy skin and red flesh. New Zealanders particularly love these cherries for their sweetness.

Group of New Zealand cherries


Moderately large and slightly heart-shaped Santina cherries have an attractive deep red-to-black skin and red flesh with medium to long stems.

Group of New Zealand cherries


Enticingly rich red Lapin cherries are round with a firm red flesh that is exceptionally sweet. This variety consistently ranks among the world’s top cherries for flavour.

Group of New Zealand cherries


Large, bright red Sweetheart cherries are prized for their heart shape, firmness and distinctive, super-sweet flavour. They are often considered the best of New Zealand’s cherries!

Group of New Zealand cherries


Mysteriously black Kordia cherries are sought-after for their unusual heart-shaped appearance, large fruit size and excellent flavour.

Group of New Zealand cherries


Late-season Staccato cherries are large, firm and glossy with a flat heart shape and a sweet, mild flavour. This is one of New Zealand’s most popular cherries.


Why our cherries?

Brix (sweetness)

Our cherries consistently
achieve a brix of 18+.


Our cherries range from
26mm to 32mm+.

Pack types

We offer a range of pack types:
1kg (12 x 1kg per outer)
2kg (6 x 2kg per outer)

Fast, fresh cherries

We air freight our cherries every day during the season. You can expect your cherries within 48-72 hours of picking – that’s fresh!

Taking care of your cherries

Our cherries are meticulously hand-packed in premium boxes and sealed to retain moisture and freshness during transit. Our logistics team oversees the handling of cherries from the
packhouse to the airport to international ports to ensure compliance all along the supply chain.

How long will my cherries last?

Our cherries will last four to five weeks if kept in cool chain.